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  1. Can I add Photos I have taken outside the Project Tripod application?

  2. Can I add to other peoples collections?

  3. Can I change the first image in the collection that alignment is tied to?

  4. Can I rate this app in the App store?

  5. Can I set the app to only upload and process when I am on external power?

  6. Can I set the app to only upload and process when I am on Wifi?

  7. Do I have to share my Tripod with others?

  8. Do I have to sign in to use Project Tripod?

  9. Does Project Tripod still work if I disable location services?

  10. How can I buy more creations types?

  11. How can I share my images?

  12. How do I add a new tripod?

  13. How do I add a tripod to my Favourites?

  14. How do I add Photos to an existing Tripod?

  15. How do I adjust the images per frame?

  16. How do I best align my photographs?

  17. How do I delete a Tripod?

  18. How do I delete an image from a Tripod?

  19. How do I disable location services?

  20. How do I disable notifications?

  21. How do I find Tripods around me?

  22. How do I give you feedback on the app?

  23. How do I import my existing images?

  24. How do I know if my images have aligned?

  25. How do I Pin a Tripod to the screen?

  26. How do I select only the images I want in the creations?

  27. How do I share my creations?

  28. How do I share my Tripods with others?

  29. How does my Tripod get listed as the Tripod of the Week?

  30. How does my Tripod get listed in the Popular Tripods list?

  31. Is the app free?

  32. Is there a limit to many devices can I install the application on?

  33. Is this only for Windows Phone Users?

  34. What are the different types of Image Status?

  35. What does it mean if my image status shows as Red (Failed)?

  36. What does the number on the Live Tile mean?

  37. What does the number on the pinned tripod Live Tile mean?

  38. What happens if I notice that someone has uploaded inappropriate images to a Tripod?

  39. What happens if someone uploads inappropriate images to my Tripod?

  40. What Image licence types are available & what do they mean?

  41. What kinds of things can I do with the images I upload?

  42. What Privacy Settings can I set?

  43. What types of sign in options do I have?

  44. Why can’t I download the creations I make?

  45. Why can’t I see my results in the app?

  46. Will all images align?

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